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Should be working fine most time (Since XSR is back !)
Listen to XSR (
Get the light Winamp2.91(+VF), or the newest & bigger Winamp5.x)
Check what's On Air
Right here, right now !)
XSR 's playlist (
Tracks broadcasted by XSR)
XSR 's popup (
JAVA: now runs with Linux / Mac / M$ Win Skin2, Skin3, Skin4, Skin5)

Supposed to always be working (
Even as XSR is no longer broadcasting)
XSR webpages (
XSR = 100% ad-FREE netradio, using SHOUTCast protocol)
Few wallpapers (
Registred pictures from LotusCars, turned into wallpapers)
T68i themes (
100% Home work! By the way, you can find a lot more)

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Manuel 'XAX' Muñoz